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Albert's Happy Angels

Let me introduce you to just a few of the hundreds of loving souls that have stolen our hearts and that we have had the privilege to help heal, emotionally and physically. Their life stories start off sad with abuse, neglect and abandonment. At first meeting they are scared, hungry, and painful, some have been that way for days and some for years. They have no idea what they have done to be treated so cruelly and harshly. After a kind hand, a warm bed and some yummy food the tail starts wagging and you will see an ease of happiness in their eyes, we then know they are starting to love and trust again. The physical healing must begin and off to the vet they go. We love them through the recovery process and then our hearts break and theirs fill with eternal love as they go to their forever home.

We can only heal these amazing animals with your help. Thank you for caring!

Olivia - As a kitten she was hit by a car and needed a broken leg fixed. We knew this darling had to be fixed so fixed she was! She fell into the most fabulous foster home or we should say, foster failure home. They fell in love and she never left!
Dually - This Great Pyrenees Mix pup needed his double dew claws removed, they were huge. We did that and he danced into a great home!
Sheadon - This sweet, older boy needed a dental and bloodwork. He got both and he found a very loving home.
Ole - This amazing soul was my foster. He came to me so very loving but in very rough shape. After many vet visits it was found that he was never neutered and he had retained testicles up in his abdomen area. We had them removed and we found out they had turned cancerous and the cancer had spread. He stole my heart and I immensely loved him in the short time he was with me.
Thornton - This big boy decided to warm up this past winter in a car engine. Long story short, bad idea. His tail was caught in the fan belt and it needed to be removed. He is now a non-natural Manx but handsome as ever and in a loving home.
Noah - This pup was hit by a car and left with a broken leg. A long journey to keeping a happy, zealous puppy calm for 8-10 weeks began. He healed great and is ready for all fun adventures in his new life!
Dotty - This sweet, beauty needed a dental and blood work. She got her dental and it was discovered she had a hyper-thyroid. Now her diagnosis is being managed and she is happy and healthy in her new life!
Elsa - A gorgeous Siamese in need of help? Of course we will help! This gentle, older girl needed a dental. We got it done, she healed right up and off to a new home she went!
Blaze - This young pup came in a little defeated after having a broken leg that went untreated for quite awhile. After a difficult but successful surgery and the best love and care from his foster home he made a full recovery. And his foster home fell in love and they kept him!
Fergie aka Fergilicious - This squishy faced sweetheart was the definition of a hot mess. She had allergies, infected eyes and ears. She also needed a non-malignant tumor removed and a dental. All were treated and this is how her new, loving home dressed her for Halloween.
Baron - This regal fellow had a dental and an ear infection. He recovered beautifully and is now getting the royal treatment in his new home!
Lena - To meet Lena is to love Lena. This little soul came in needing a dental and needed to find a home that was going to give her the life she deserved. Spoiler alert...she had a dental and found that home!
Cameo - We all knew seeing an older, small Poodle that she most likely needed a dental. And, Cameo did not disappoint. She needed a full mouth extraction. I do believe she had the worst, most infected, most painful mouth I have ever seen. After her dental she feels like a million bucks and is so very loved in her new home.
Betty - We thought Betty for sure had a broken leg. We were wrong. It was a broken foot. Which of course is so much more difficult to have a successful outcome/recovery after surgery. Thankfully Betty had an amazing surgeon and the best foster home ever with her now Vet Tech. Mom!
Gertie - We felt this gal needed her eyes checked out. Well, we felt right. Her eye pressure was a little high and she needed some eye drops to feel better. After being treated she had a clear vision of a loving home and she saw herself right into one!
Sy - This big, goofy Lab needed a dental desperately. He got one and shortly after melted the hearts of his new, loving family.
Pearl - The sweetest big dog you'd ever meet. She came in with infected ears and we were suspicious of a bladder infection. Our suspicions were confirmed and after an ear cleaning and antibiotics for both she sauntered her long body, long legs and huge fluffy tail into a loving home.
Hanson - This big guy had entropion of both eyes and all eyelids. After having them surgically repaired he set his sights on loving home. And, he hit the bullseye!
Chewey - This sweet face came in with stinky breath and a tumor on his tongue. We had to make the inside of his mouth as fabulous as the rest of him. He had a dental and had the tumor removed. He is now fresh and fancy free in a loving home.
Blue - This senior gal needed a little TLC. She came in with infected ears, a tumor that needed to be removed and she desperately needed a dental. She went in and got all spruced up. And, just in time for a loving family to find her.
Dotty - Dotty is downright fabulous! This Jack Russell needed to up her ball chasing game. In order to do that knee surgery was in order. She now chases balls like she was meant to in her new, loving home.
Rosey - After having a back wound repaired Rosey ran off to a great home!
Willis - The big white dog had 2 fatty tumors removed. Tumors gone and loving home for Willis and his brother Dre.
Frankie - He ended with a secondary infection of pneumonia due to a worm infestation. Almost died but he rallied, got rid of the worms and found love.
Garfield - An ear infection was throwing off his balance. All clear and he walked straight into a great home.
Zara - Desperately needed a dental. Got it and is now enjoying life!
Clifford - His teeth were not super bad but needed sprucing up. Him and his fresh breath found love.
Peso - He needed a dental and we obliged. He is now relaxing and sunning his tail in a life full of love.
Zeus - Seriously this face. We had to fix his broken leg. All healed up and loving life on all fours.
Pinecone - This sweet soul had an immensely rough start. Shot twice, left for dead in the woods, torn up by an animal and still his tail wagged. After surgery and a month of rehab he went to live his best life.
Pipsie - After a dental this short stack found a place to call home.
Hailey - This amazing cat was hit by a car and needed FHO surgery. She had it, is doing great and her foster family fell in love and decided they couldn't live without her.
Tru - Had his pearly whites polished and went purring into a home.
Grant - He had a hernia that had to be fixed. Back in the hernia went and Grant went out to a great home.
Sarge - This pup had a huge growth spurt and his growth plates needed time to rest and wait for the rest of his body to catch up. He had x-rays and was put on very nutritious food. He found a great home.
Oreo - This black and white cat was filled with a sweet, squishy middle. She had a dental and then went on to her hospice home. Where she was very loved the rest of her life.
Gizmo - Do not count this old girl out! She had a dental and she bounced back like a kitten. She is now shaking her sassy self in a new home.
Lucy - That adorable face and the bossy meow that follows. You could not help but fall in love with this kitten. She was diagnosed with a slight heart issue but she is now doing great and is very loved in her new home.
Susie - Classic story of an old cat needing a dental. Plot twist, there is nothing classic about Susie. She is amazingly wonderful. She feels so much better and is now enjoying life pain free and full of love.
Angel - That cute, old soul face just sucked us in. She needed a dental desperately so we got it for her. She so deserved to be pain free and be immensely loved. She is both now.
Cowboy - He sauntered in with a hitch in his giddy up. He needed a dental. This Cowboy sauntered out with clean teeth and a great, love filled life.
Sissy Rose - This beauty is blooming in her new life after her dental.
Harrison - After his dental, Handsome Harrison moved on up into a loving home!
Jack - After a wellness check with the vet Jack found an amazing, outdoorsy home.
One Eyed Jack - This little guy had to have an eye removed after being hit by a car. He is thriving and is so immensely loved.
Oakley - This awesome, loving soul had a dental and then went onto a super amazing life!
Ona - Ona is numero uno in her new home after a dental.
Poppy - This tortoiseshell colored flower also had a dental and has now planted her roots in a beautifully sunny home.
Poppy - This fluffy white flower had a dental and is now blooming in a loving home.
Dozer - This huge sweetheart had a tumor check. All turned out good after he was neutered! The tumor left when his testicles did and after that a great family fell in love with him.
Scared - This talkative, big boy is a foster failure. After fostering him after his dental I just couldn't let him go.
Tasha - Tasha found a loving home after a visit for a check on a tumor. Turns out the tumor was just fat. We laughed, she didn't. But, she did find a great home!
Skittle - This sugary sweet soul had an allergic reaction to her spay suture. All turned out great and she is adding lots of love and sweetness to her new home.
Woody - This Albert doppleganger had a broken leg that just had to be fixed. It was a group effort to put this cutie back together again. Thank you to Highlands Vet Hospital and Gallatin Vet Hospital. Woody is now living the dream on all four paws!
Greta - It was discovered this amazing soul had thyroid issues. She was so very loved and spoiled the last few months of her life.
Sparrow - This sweetheart flew into an amazingly loving nest!
Flossie - This long eared hound had a dental and tracked herself into a loving home.
Momo - After getting her allergies figured out Momo found much love and happiness!
Luca - After figuring out his neurological issues his handsome face and swagger landed him into a great home.
Hope - Even if you are a Yankees fan you would love this Boston. This sweetie feels so much better after having her cherry eye fixed, teeth cleaned and a tumor removed. She is now immensely loved. Pic was pre-surgery.
Eileen - This precious kitten had a rough go and had to have her back leg removed. Her sweet soul and 3 legs now have the most loving home.
Fender - How cute is this pup? How could we not fix him? He was hit by a car and left with a shattered back leg. He was put back together and he found love during his recovery at the vets.
Shadow - This amazing soul was one sick kitty cat. He was loved immensely in his short time on earth.

Bear and Nugget - This dynamic duo had dueling dentals. Their smile was huge as they went off to their new home.
Tuffy - This great cowdog needed a dental. He got it and rode off into the sunset towards a love filled life.
Buddy - This complete cutie stole our hearts. After dental he strutted off to a new love filled life.
Glitter - This amazing cat shined like gold! She came in with some back end paralysis and a hernia. We got the hernia fixed and a med. plan for the paralysis and her with all her cuteness was scooped up into a great home.
Niria - This beauty went in for a dental and a tumor under her tongue was discovered. She is now happy and content in a very caring, loving home for the rest of her days.
Thistle - After a dental this black beauty strutted into a great home!
Giza - This squishy, sweet cat had a dental and then found a loving home.
Kona - I foster failed. I love her immensely!
Zihar - Her sweetness and great breath found a fabulous home.
Aster and Poppy - After having dentals, this duo found a great, loving home.
Chewy - He is the handsome short haired red Chihuahua. He had a hernia that needed to be fixed. All healed up and him and his buddy Lucy went to a immensely loving home.
Beatrice - This fluffy, cutie pie had a dental and is now living the good, love filled life we all wish for.
Brandy - Had surgery for a stab like wound. She healed up and now has a love filled life.
Bruce - This adorable, goofy Lab had a dental and then captured the heart of a great person.
Ginger Blue - She is one awesome soul that captured my heart. She had a bladder infection that was treated and found the best, most loving home ever!
Snowflake - This handsome cat had major surgery after jumping off of a roof and being impaled by an iron fence. He recovered amazingly and is now a very loved cat.
Zinnia - This tiny, beautiful soul had a dental and planted herself in a wonderful home.
Falkor - This adorable sweetie had a rough start but stellar ending. He had a dental and got a great home!
Duncan - Had a broken leg after falling out of the back of a truck. He went to a fabulous vet and he was put back together and found a loving home all in one stop.
Ozzie and Cookie - After a trip to the vet and dentals these two went to a loving home together.
Cinnamon - This sweet spice has found a great life full of love after her two hip surgeries, front foot surgery and a dental. We love you Cinnamoney!
Lucky Arcus - After getting over his cat cold he found love!
Paco - This teeny, tiny tan ninja had a dental and fell into a home that loves him immensely!
Gizie and Tootsie - Both of these sweethearts had a full work up and a dental. They are now feeling great and have a ton of love in their life.
Saint - He did some praying and after he was back in tip top shape he went to a fabulously loving home.
Bella - This wispy sweetheart found love after her dental.
Moose - This amazing, big lug was found skinny and dehydrated. After a few days at the vet it was determined he had a blockage that after great care, meds. and fluids it removed itself and he felt much better. He is in a very loving home.
Murphy - Great dog found a great home after a dental.
Luca - Young, beautiful dog with arthritic joints. He received a treatment plan and is now in a loving home.
Roxi - This amazing diva had a dental and a growth removed. She is now living the spoiled life she deserves.
Charlie - This adventurous soul came in with a wound on his face, very close to his eye. He's all healed up and has the most amazing, loving home a dog could ever want.
Bonnie and Clyde - The dynamic duo both now have fresh breath and a love filled life.
Birdie - This terrific Terrier had a complete work up and a much needed dental. She is now very much loved and doted over.
Tuff - Had a dental and heart check. He now lives his best life with Harley.
Blanche - Had a dental and now has the best life with Broddick.
Broddick - Had a dental and is relaxing and feeling the love with Blanche.
Hermes - This beauty was hit by a car and needed a leg injury treated. She strutted through her treatments and right into a great home.
Missy - This sweetie had a dental and then in record time went to a great new home.
Harley - After a lump on his rump was removed and a dental this sweet boy found a great home with Tuff.
Duke - This pup found a loving home.
Spike - Had a much needed dental. Goodbye "dog" breath, hello kisses!
Ghost - Had a dental and is now safe and loved!
Baron - Dental done, check! Find loving home, check!
Mack - After a dental he found his happiness!
Po - Went from one sick kitty to a very loved and happy kitty.
Buford - Received front leg amputation after nerve damage done by trauma. Just as lovable with 3 legs.
Turbo - Mysterious skin issues solved. No more bowling shirts required.
Doug - Desperately needed a dental. Super kissable now.
Serrett - Had a dental and is super bossy and loved.
Minnee - Blood work and lots of TLC.
Othello - Food allergy testing. Amazingly allergic to everything but beef.
Opal - She received a dental she so desperately needed. Also, blood work and x-rays on her hips. We are so happy to say she is on the mend and is feeling fabulous and sassy. Thank you to the wonderful crew at Runs with Scissors Grooming for beautifying her and for the before and after pic.
Tippie and Popcorn - These adorable fluff-balls both had a dental.
Bubby - This sweet bug needed a dental.
Paddy - After a stomach surgery to remove a mass of garbage he was diagnosed with mega-esophagus. His dreams have come true with a life filled with love.
Piper - Had a slight bit of a doggie cold that needed to be cleared up.
Sqeekers- Cutie but had stinky breath. Dental done, fresh breath.
Keali - Had a tumor the size of a softball removed from her chest.

Melville and Buddy - Little dogs needed big dentals.
Kyuri - Treated for a bladder infection and needed bloodwork.
Riggs - Needed a dental and had a hernia repaired.
Lolly - Had too many lollies and needed a dental.
Zena - Had a dental and a abscess taken are of.
Dynamite - Stinky breath all better now because of a dental.
Zumi - Had a dental and now is so loved and living in luxury.
Sauze - Skin issues that are all better now.
Clyde - Needed a dental, got a dental.
Hundin - Cutie with icky teeth, still a cutie but with clean teeth.
J.R. and Gidget - Jr and Gidget - Adorable in all ways especially after their dental.
Dux - Had a skin issue that is now all good.
Rustea - Treated for an ear infection. He still has select hearing. HAHA!
Bruno - This handsome fellow had a little accident and is now minus one little toe.
Gill had a dental done. And after waiting patiently he found much love!
Ramsay - Had a long recovery after being hit by a car on Montana St.
Snoopy - He is the cute Pekingese that needed a dental.
Toby and Willy - This adorable duo both needed dentals.
Whiskey - He came in with a severe head wound.
Cleo - Miss Cleo had a dental.
Petunia - Her peepers needed surgery so she could see fully and pain free.
Rogue - What an oldie but a goodie. Had a dental and a benign tumor removed.
Driggs - Had a deep wound on his foot.
Orville - How could we not get this happy soul a dental?
Miriam - Tiny babe that had a huge cold.
Magoo - All over adorable except for his teeth.
Sunny - This beauty needed a dental and ear cleaning.
Buddy - This regal soul had a breath upgrade with a dental.
Vanek - Sweet pup with a leg injury that had to be healed.
Baby Girl - AMAZING! She had a tumor check which thankfully came back benign. She is very much loved now.
Pint - Little sounding name but huge heart. After a dental he went off to a great home.
Chupa - This little squirt needed a Brucellosis test, passed with flying colors and then on his way to a great home.
Cocoa - Awesome soul that is loved immensely!
Adelaide - Needed kidney test. She has found love.
Bowden - This sweetie had a dental and got a great home.
Betsy - This sweetheart needed so much. After shoulder surgery, hip surgery and many bite wounds healed this amazing soul found love.
Taco - Needed kidney tests and medicine. She knows love.
Simon - He had double entropion (eye) surgery. And found his way to love.
Boomer - This handsome fella needed fresh breath and clean teeth. He got it and a new home.
Pappy - An ear tumor that had to go and then off he went to his new home.
Dawg - In a loving home after 2 hernia repairs.
Grady - This sweetheart had a laceration that needed to be tended to. Now very loved.
Brinkley - She had a paw injury that needed to be fixed. She then sauntered into a great new life.
Dodi - This sweet soul found a great home after a tumor removal and dental.

Charlotte and Lilly - This duo needed a dental and afterwards found great homes.
Sandie - This beautiful soul had a dental and found a forever home.
Anya and Piper - These two cuties needed a dental and a home. And, they got both.
Periwinkle - Found an awesome retirement and brought her clean teeth with her.
Tai - An amazing soul We love you!
Arnold - We love you!
Lexon - Such a sassy girl! We love you!
Ace - After a dental, Ace and his pearly whites have found a great home.
Vadar - his tummy troubles behind him and so is his homelessness.
Margaux - Her heart and eyes are feeling fabulous and now loved.
Sawyer saw his way to love after he had an eye removed.
Eleanor - After getting a dental this sweet, little soul went to a very loving home.
Bud - Long on love and long on tooth decay. He got his dental and found a new home!
Posie - Sweet Posie came in with some uninvited guests, ear mites. They have been evicted and she moved into a great, new home!
Marley - This cutie pie needed a dental. Got it and got a new home too!
Gill - He needed the a list of things tended to. A dental, growth check and eye check. All went great, he's in tip top health in his new home.
Mork - So sweet, this darling desperately needed a dental. He got it and now has healthy, fresh breath in a new home.
Digger - Like Mork needed to freshen that breath. He now is very much loved and enjoying his new life.
Riva - This adorable cat caught a cold and needed some meds. to kick it. She now feels great in her new home.
Autumn - This sweetheart is starting her new, loved life after a difficult tumor removal.
Taz - After a dental and groom this darling is very loved.
Sweet Pea - This flower was not smelling so fabulous but after a dental she was "picked" and is now blooming in a wonderful home.
Merlin - This little, feline wizard needed a hernia repaired. We waved a magic wand a fixed him right up and all his wishes were answered when he landed in a great, new home.
Lady - This name suits this beautiful, elegant soul. She needed a spruce on her teeth so they matched her pearls and off to a loving kingdom she went.
Barkley - Had a pesky benign tumor removed and is now living the good life.
Bear - This wonderful soul was found starving to death in the middle of nowhere. We loved him immensely and made his last remaining weeks happy and very much filled with love.
Sheena - This silver stunner had a tumor that needed to be checked out. It checked out benign and she found a great new home.
Miles - He had a crink in his neck. After some rest and pain meds. it got straightened out and he found the path to a new home.
Spot - Spot had a spot that needed to be checked. It thankfully turned out to be benign and he found his way into a great life.
Blazer - This sweetheart had a real rough life before coming into the shelter. He had a seizure and was taken immediately to the vet. He is now on meds. to regulate his seizures. He also is adored in his new home!
Manzano - We had to make sure his pancreas was functioning properly. It is and now he is settling into a new life.
Chico - This cutie pie needed a dental and a check for Cushing's Disease. Now with fresh breath and no Cushing's he is enjoying a loving life.
Malla - This beauty had a growth checked out that thankfully turned out to be benign. She is now happily lounging her fabulousness in a loving home.
Maggie Mae - After an eye exam she saw her cute self to a great loving home.

Maggie, Mojo and Annie - All 3 of these beautiful souls found separate loving homes after they went to the vet for a complete once over and dentals.
Finnigan - After being hit by a car and going through 2 abdominal surgeries this fabulous dog landed in a wonderful, loving home.
Ruby Red - Gorgeous Ruby Red got a dental and a loving home.
Eden - Her dream came true, she is loved. Eden got a dental and her infected ears cleaned.
Norwood - This black stunner is very loved
Blake - Received a dental and then wiggled his way into very patient and extremely loving home.
Griff - This adorable sweetheart needed a dental. He got it and then found his dream home!
Jorge - I fell in love with this adorable bug after 1 minute! He got a dental and then went on to his forever home! I will miss him!
Etta - This little sweet pea stayed with her foster home because of an ongoing illness. She is happy and so very loved!
Fred - This handsome hound has Addison's Disease and a very loving home!
Clegg - After he got his Friskies smile back by getting a dental, Clegg fell into a great new life.
C.K. - This pretty kitty needed blood work to find out why she was down and out. She is happy and we love her immensely.
Lady Bird - This sweetie flew in with her tiny, little hip out of place. Popped back in by surgery this beautiful kitten is tearing it up and causing a whole lot of happiness in her new home.
Trixie - This poof ball desperately needed a dental and her eyes checked out. After many extraction she has her Milk-Bone smile back and her eyes are feeling good and looking good.
Ventrone - This fluffy kitty was hiding a wound inside his throat. It was cleaned and treated and he felt a ton better. We love Mr. Ventrone.
T-Swift - This adorable kitten came in like a tornado. She had a little hiccup in her whirlwind though, she was born with both of her back legs deformed. She has had 3 successful surgeries. And, after that much time at the vet hospital it was inevitable that her cute self was going to land a loving home with one of the staff.
Cheyenne - This stunning little kitten needed blood work to figure out why she walked wobbly. We just fell in love with her.
Gretel - This majestic soul had a bum toe. It was determined it had to go. So off it went and it did not slow her roll at all, right into a new home she went.
Zaila - A hernia repair was needed to make this great dog whole again. After getting all fixed up off she went to live and love life!
Wren - This sweetheart needed a dental. She got it and now is showing of her pearly whites with a huge smile in a new home.
Quincy - Hit by a car and had a broken leg. All fixed up and is running around like a tornado in his new home.
Norwood - This handsome kitty came in with a big wound on his side. It got stitched up and off he went minus a big hole to a new home.
Olive - She came in with a mysterious skin condition. Well, after a trip to the vet mystery solved and she got all healed up and is loving her new home.
Normande - In a happy home and flashing his new, healthy Friskies smile.
Gizmo - This fantastic soul is loving life in a new home after a dental and check up on his back and hips.
Chica - This beauty came to the shelter needing double ACL surgery and a soft, kind place to be loved. She received both and is running around pain free with a huge smile in her heart.
Morticia - We love this beautiful soul very much. She is now happy and we will always remember her!
Oggie Doggie - This big hunk of a feline is happy after being treated for a thyroid disease. We will always have a special place in our hearts for Oggie!
Big E - This cat had quite a presence about him. After treatment for a wound and a dental he is happy and has captured our hearts.
Hamlet - He told stories and stole our hearts. After treatment for a wound from another cat he is happy and will be in our hearts forever.
Lambdin - He came in with a hitch in his giddy up and needed to be checked out. After a full service all came back good. He is now healthy and enjoying life in a new home.
Gussers - This gorgeous cat needed his tail amputated after a wound. He is now working his "taillessness" in a loving home.
Tucker - This tiny, cutie-pie needed double ACL surgery to be pain free and to have the ability to bound around like he wanted. He found a fabulous home to recovery in and love grew and they realized they could not live without him.

Thelma and Louise - These 2 amazing souls were happy but not so healthy when it came to their teeth. After each getting a dental they brought their A game to the adoption table and they won a loving new life!!
Cassie - This sweet soul was abandoned at the vets office with a broken leg. This pup was too full of love and happiness not to be fixed and have a life full of love. She healed fabulous and went to the home of her dreams.
Reba - This red headed, sassy molassy needed a dental. She got it and she rode off into the sunset with a loving person.
Buck - This wonderful Lab needed a new knee. He got it and then he swaggered into a loving home.
Fat Joe - After donating blood to a fellow feline in need it was noticed this sweet cat needed a dental. In a fabulous twist of events he got his dental and then was adopted by the family who had the cat he donated blood to! YAY!!
Sven - This sweetie had a dental and than he purred right into a loving home.
Ambrosia - This amazingly tough cat was just feeling a little down in the dumps. We did blood work and found out she was terminal. We loved her immensely.
Gertrude - This little butterballl was in need of a dental and some skin treatments. As you can see from the photo it was love at first sight at the vet clinic and she never came back to the shelter!!
Izzy - This sweet ol' dog was in need of some dental TLC. With her fresh breath back in order she went to a new, loving home.
Jasper - All this big dog needed was a day at the doggie hair spa. Looking good he swaggered into a new home.
Edbert - This adorable Pomeranian had the looks but not the breath. It was not good but now it is and he loving life in his new home.
Canyon - This amazing dog was left at the vet's office. Through tests it was discovered he had Addison's Disease. With everything under control he found the most amazing home!!!
Bo - Happy dog is now in a happy home after leg surgery and blood work!
Luna - After being bitten by another cat this beauty had a wound and some major bruising. After treatment and some meds she is sitting safe and sound in a new, loving home.
Ryker - This little, spiky haired sweetie has his Lupus under control and his wild, good looks and stunning personality found him the best home ever!!
Quimbly - This little, kissy face was not such a kissy face until he got his dental. Now he is kissing up a storm in his new home.
Buck - Good looking Lab coming through with 2 bad back knees. He is on his way to recovering, feeling better and getting his swagger back in a loving home.
Tameka - After getting her urinary tract infection all cleared up this sweetheart was snapped up into a loving home.
Shilo - After being diagnosed with EPI his treatments started. Shilo is a trooper who loves life and responded fabulously to his medications. He found an amazing home with a great gal who skilled in animal care and love.
Grisom - This ol' sweetie has found the perfect retirement home and is resting his hips and filling his heart with love.
Mahoney - This kitty got a much needed dental and then found a a much needed loving home.
Chica - After 2 ACL surgeries this awesome dog wiggle butted her way into the most wonderful home ever!
Rudy - After a dental he said goodbye to stinky breath and hello to a loving home.
Jasmine - After having her wounded head stitched up she went on a cross country adventure and decided to plant roots in a stable, loving home!!
Angel - This petite cutie patootie had a desperately needed dental and then went on to a loving home.
Tippy - had a bit of a hitch n her giddy up so she went to for x-rays and got the all clear to go enjoy her new life!
Kane - This big boy had some big, infected ear troubles. After a flush and some meds he is feeling great in his new home!
Rodeo - This big dog has tummy issues. We ran some tests figured it out and with a new diet in place he rode off into the sunset with his new people.
Cash - This cat spent it all on a dental and then some but it was all worth it to see him get the loving life he deserved.
Nero - This gorgeous cat had ugly breath. So, he had a dental and was snapped up into a new home.
Tattle - This dog was tossed aside by her people when they found out she was diabetic. She fought a great fight but they had let her go too long with medical attention. We tried everything to save her but had to let her go. Tattle was an amazing soul and we loved her deeply!
Aliza - This was a cute cat but her skin fungus wasn't. We treated it, she felt so much better and she became a beautiful cat inside and out. She is now loved and snuggled in her new home.
Chico - After a hernia repair that was dang near bigger than all of him, this little sweetheart found a loving home.
Hisao - This gorgeous cat had a head wound the size of Texas. It took a long time with a lot of treatment to heal up. He was a trooper through everything and he is now lounging in a sweet home.
Dash - This amazing dog had amazingly gross teeth but now he is sporting a clean set of pearly whites with Milk-Bone fresh breath. He smiled, gave a smooch and off to his loving home he went.
Moly - This adorable cow-dog came in with a hitch in her giddy-up. After a set of x-rays it was determined it was just her natural swagger and swaggered she did off to her new home.
Charlie - This handsome cat had bladder stones that just had to go and go they went and then off he went to a loving home!

Cubby - She was hit by a car, had a broken leg and then abandoned at the vet's. Man, talk about a rough day. We fixed her leg but her new home has healed her heart!
Brutus - This big guy desperately needed a spit shine on his teeth and a flush on his bladder. He got both, felt like a new dog and found a great home.
Theodore - After popping his hip back in place this heart breaker swaggered into a new, pro ice cream home.
Amos - Those eyes, those ears and his heart, all are adorable but his breath could stop a freight train. He got his dental and a loving home.
Bo - This handsome dog had a bit of a blinky eye due to a tumor. He went in had it removed and now he just blinks because he is smiling all the time in his new home!
Emmy - This little peanut was 99% fabulous and 1% we gotta fix her. She had a hernia repaired and a dental. She then brought 100% of awesomeness to her new home.

Sula and Franco - These little bugs came in missing hair and having severely dry skin. Not sure what was up, off to the vet they went. Turns out they are part Mexican Hairless dog. They were exposed to the weather without proper protection. We packed them lots of outfits and sunscreen for them to take to their new home!
Candle - This now healthy sweet-heart has found her self a great new home!
Brinnon - This mellow gal has had a dental and has found a loving, new life!
Conway - This mellow, cow dog came in with only one hitch in his giddy-up, his bad teeth. After a lengthy 3 hour dental all the infection and pain was gone. Now, he is cow dog perfection and has found the perfect partner to ride off into the sunset with.
This black cat holds a special place in all of our hearts. Combine is simple, low-maintenance but is big on love. He will plow through anything to get to your heart. He sits up tall and leans forward hoping that you will pick him up and snuggle him. How can you not? One look into his bright, wanting to be loved eyes and you will fall for this understated, great soul and I did, he is staying with me.
Peppo - The peppy Persian stopped by the shelter as a very matted, messy looking feline. After a grooming he sauntered off into the heart of his new Mom and new home!
Molly- Where to begin with this awesome dog. She has had everything checked out from nose to tail. Molly has had a dental, lumps checked, breathing checked, toe checked and a sassy new hair do after a day of grooming. She has a clean bill of health and lots of love from her new best friend!
Baldric - This big boy had swagger but not only because he is cool but because he had a bum paw. After getting an in depth pedicure he took his big heart and awesomeness into a loving home!
Bailey - This great soul had a less than loved life and had been in pain for quite awhile. With degenerative disc disease in his lower back, nerves were being pinched and his legs were not working the way they should. Now with his pain controlled and his heart full he is enjoying the hustle and bustle of a loved life.
Auggie - Auggie Doggie has long ears, a huge heart and bad breath. Well, he still has the ears and huge heart but kiss that yucky breath good-bye. After a dental his short legs walked right into a great home.
Hamster - This cuddly little bug is so adorably cute and squishy but his breath would have stopped a charging rhino. After a lengthy dental and run with antibiotics he is now snuggled and loved beyond belief.
Zander - This long legged sweetie looks like he just stepped out of a Disney cartoon. After a shot update he went to an amazingly, fun home with his new best friend!
Bunnie - This little babe with a loving heart was abandoned with and dang near died from Parvo. After a stay with a great vet, this tough cookie won the battle with the deadly illness. She is full of energy, life and love!
Diego - This curly haired babe was everything you could want in a four legged friend except for the stinky breath. He had a dental and of course he was snatched right up into a loving home once he got his smoochy fresh breath back.
Otto - The first things you notice about this wonderful dog is his soulful, loving face and those big perky ears. Well those ears were infected and needed to be cleaned. After a visit to the vet his fabulous face and heart went into a mellow, loving home.
Sapphire - This cutie patootie came in with a nasty cold, runny nose, eyes and sneezing to boot. After a run on antibiotics she perked right up and jumped into a great home with lots of love.
Jema - After a dental this beauty is so loved, safe and finally a apart of a family!
Skeeter - I'm not gonna lie, I fostered this amazing sweetheart and he is staying!!!
Fattoria - It was our pleasure and honor to have loved Fattoria and to have been a part of her life. Sadly, she lost her battle with thyroid disease but she was loved and admired the last part of her life.
Mittens - This round faced beauty had it all going on except for in the teeth department, they were gross. She is all spruced up now and living a loved, pain free life.
Duvall - This down right handsome heart-stealer had it all going fro him except for his breath, it was not minty fresh if you know what I mean. After a complete spit shine this amazing pup went to his new home in a flash.
Rumford - This great cat is now rocking his pearly white fangs in a new home!
Palmetto - This orange Cassanova has taken his old foot injury and has swaggered into a new home.
Bonnie - This beautiful soul was found alongside Continental Drive a total mess. The nice gal that found her figures she wandered down from the highway after someone dumped her from their car. She needed TLC from head to toe and everywhere in between, especially her heart. She was groomed, had a dental, and also has 3 lumps removed. This is her astonishing before and after pic. Amazing what a little love can do.
Hisao - After treating a very severe head wound this boy is so happy and being very loved!
Mila - My, My, Mila! We all loved this little bug. She came in with a bladder stone literally the size of her bladder and horrendous teeth. The pain she was in from top to bottom was imaginable. She had surgery, recovered like a rockstar and now is forever loved!
Callahan - This cutie had bad teeth and a broken heart. Both are now healed and he is in a fabulous new home.
Pachini - This tiny sweetheart had bad breath and so we took a look and just new the infection and tartar had to go. After it left so did he to his new, wonderful home.
Nikita - After her hip surgery this sweet pup shook herself right into an awesome, active home that suits her to a tee.
Kirscha - This sweet angel was found wandering around as a stray. We knew she was older and in poor health but we knew she needed love and a deserved a chance. It was discovered she was shot, numerous times and was full of buck shot. Also, her leg was shattered at some point when she was younger and fixed with a plate. The plate was deteriorating and the screws were coming out through her skin. It was a sad day when it was discovered why the plate was deteriorating, she had terminal bone cancer. This sweet, sweet soul was so loved and cared for the last 3 weeks of her life. She was not invisible or ignored, she was extremely loved and she will missed!
Baby - This feline had foul breath but a winning personality. And, after his fangs were cleaned his heart was filled by being loved in his new home.
Bebo and Elliot - Bebo had bad breath and Elliot has seizures. We cleaned the teeth and regulated the seizures. They didn't come into the shelters as brothers but they left as brothers into a great new life.
Bebo and Elliot - Bebo had bad breath and Elliot has seizures. We cleaned the teeth and regulated the seizures. They didn't come into the shelters as brothers but they left as brothers into a great new life.
Ernest - This long bodied, long eared pup was sure down in the dumps when he came to the shelter. He was abandoned in a field with ears and a mouth so infected it was imaginable how he survived. He was skin and bones with his toe nails were curled and growing into the pads of his paws. Through it all he was nothing but a sweet, loving snuggle bug who lived to be loved. Ernest went to the vet and received all medical care needed to make him feel 1000% better. He now is enjoying a loved, pain free life.
Trennedy - This marvelous, mature dog came in a desperately needed a sprucing up in hair department. Also, she was a little weak in her hips and knees and we just wanted to make sure anything we could do to make her feel better we did. After a thorough check up and x rays it turned out to be a touch of arthritis. She is now living a loved, relaxed, gentle and retired life!
Avett - What an adorable soul! How could we not get him the dental he so desperately needed? After his quick recovery off to an awesome, loving home he went.
Elsa - This beauty of a cow dog mix is enjoying life. She has had only one minor set back from her surgery to have the huge stick removed from her throat. But, it was a slight infection and all is cleared up and she is now happy, healthy and very much loved.
Clovis - This big lug has found the person who understands his soul. We were thrilled that this good looking hound now has the love and life he longed for. His tail is still happily wagging, thank goodness we were able to save it after he was it by a car.

Tasia and Petra - This sister duo we found out were abandoned by their care giver. A family member found out and immediately called the shelter looking for them. After lots of love and many visits Tasia and Petra went to live with their caring family member in a loving, forever home!
Spunk - After giving us much love and pizazz during his stay at the shelter Spunk went on to share his big heart and personality with his new family. He was ready and rarin' to go after he healed up after a much needed dental.
Pete - This gorgeous, mellow black Lab was tossed aside when he got sick. After a simple test it was discovered he had a Urinary Tract Infection that went untreated. Easy, peasy fix, some strong anti-biotics and off to his new, loving home he went.
Scout - This darling, older Border Collie came in with extreme bed head and bad teeth. A day at the spa fixed her right up and she giddy uped right into a wonderful home.
Carora - After years of lounging at the shelter this black beauty got a dental and got the heck out of dodge. She now lives a lush, loving life patrolling the acreage of a beautiful home.
Patch - This adorable and super sweet dog needed a once over by the vet and after he got a clean bill of health off to one of the best homes ever he went. He lounges in the mountains with beautiful views and everyday is a brand new adventure full of awesomeness and love.
Grizzly - This big boy was not so big after we shaved the matted hair from his body. He wasn't eating so well because his mouth was so infected and full of tartar. A big dental was needed and that is what he got. Grizzly is now looking and feeling great in his fabulous, new home.
Horace - This gorgeous dog is happy and loving life. After a visit to the vet for a full check up we found out he is just dandy the way he is off to his new life he went.

Rosie and Einstein - These two sweethearts are living the good life together. After full dentals and enjoying a bath and new do they took their short legs and strutted into a wonderful loving home.
Harley - This cutie came in with Rosie and Einstein but after a day at the doggie day spa he took his clean, smiling face to another loving home.
Scooby - This amazing cow-dog came into the shelter desperately needing a dental and a good grooming. After this happened this cow-dog mosied into the most awesome home with a ranch savvy gal to be his partner in crime.
Lester - This smiley, little pip took his freshly cleaned teeth and grinned his way into a home that loves him just the way he is.

Francie and Tazzy - We were so happy that this loving sister duo got to stay together. After a day at the spa and dentist off they strutted into a loving home.
Axe - After being shuffled from home to home this big cat got a dental and landed into a beautiful, loving home. Go Axe Go!!!
Paloma - This stunning feline had bad breath. A little freshen up at the dentist and this great cat was snatched up and is forever loved.

Oreo and Jack - After four potential adoptive homes fell through we were left thinking why has someone not snagged these two amazing dogs. Well, because it was fate. After a grooming and dental Oreo and Jack landed the home that all dogs wish they could have. So loved and having the best life ever.

Alodie and Aiken - After being abandoned in a field by Fairmont Hot Springs these two found their way to us. Thank goodness because they were so matted their legs did not have a full range of motion and don't even get me started on how nasty their teeth were. We got them to the vets and now they feel good and smell good. Alodie and Aiken are now living the good life together, so loved and extremely happy.
Ocalo After needing a dental this great cat when on to a fabulous life full of love and opportunity.
Farrah - This petite cutie is smiling big and pretty in her new loving home.
Oodles - After a groom this complete sweetie found one of the best homes ever! I will always love Oodles, he stole my heart!
Bean- Tiny little bug that is so sweet and was the best Mom to her 3 rowdy boy pups. After battling an illness she is fit as a fiddle and is living with Chester and is so immensely loved!!!
Echo - This adorable pup was found as a stray with a noticeable limp. After a trip to the vet it was discovered she had a fractured hip and the ball was out of the socket for quite awhile. Surgery was done and she recovered like a champ. Walking, running, playing and being loved like nothing bad ever happened to her.
Chester - This awesome mop needed a dental and groom. He looks and feels great and he got the best Mom ever!
Sophie Bee - After receiving the medical care she needed to feel her best this beautiful little bug buzzed into a home full of fun and love.
Leon - This smiling sweetheart had a day at the doggie spa. He got new do and had a spit shine on his chompers. He is numero uno in his new home.
Vienna - After her dental she is feeling great and is handing out big hugs and loves with her huge paws in her new home.
Annabelle - After a dental and blood-work this smiling Lab was back in tip top shape. She found her new home and with great happiness has not looked back.
Mose - Mose was abandoned and we were told by his past people he wasn't worth saving. Well, after a dental, grooming and getting on heart meds. Mose has proven them wrong. I love him, he loves me and he is thoroughly enjoying his new life. Ever-lasting happiness and love are his forever.
Zimmer - This cutie patootie came in a ragged mess. After getting groomed and polished up this pup is loved and running around being the life of the party.
Ruby - Ruby needed much medical care and after she received it she shined and then the search for that perfect home began. Ruby waited and waited for "her forever person" to show and adopt her. Well, he did and her story will have a very happy, loving ending.
Alton - Fluffy sweetheart that has been passed around from home to home. He was ready to settle down and he did after a grooming and dental. Much love is his for the taking in his new home.
Buddy - The awesome dog was left in the backyard with basically no contact for the first year of his life. Now he lives the life other dogs dream of. He now has a life so full of love, outdoor adventures, yummy cookies and he has a best friend any of us would be lucky to have.
Rado- This handsome orange kitty needed a little TLC in the teeth department. He is now up and at em' and racing around with lots of love in his new home.
Gunner - This loyal, loving Lab spent his whole life,9 years outside severely neglected and never being a part of the family. His ears were so deeply infected he had to be sedated to have them cleaned and treated. Gunner now feels great both physically and in his heart. He found an amazing home and will be forever loved, indoors and a part of the family.
Bob - This Bob. He was a severely neglected cat a vet clinic in Butte, Mt. He was brought in by his person to be euthanized. He had an on-going upper respiratory that she opted to not to treat but was very easily treated. Not being treated lead to painful ulcers on his eyes that eventually ruptured. His eyes needed to be removed. He was turned over to the vet clinic and then over to the animal shelter. Albert's Angel Fund was contacted to fund his surgery and how could we say no. Well, the kitty melted the hearts of his foster family and they couldn't part with him. Very special, brave kitty and very lucky humans! We love when the love goes all around!
Scrappy - This oldie but goodie found the retirement home of his dreams. After a dental and ol' boy check up Scrappy is now loved beyond his imagination and will want for nothing for the rest of his life. All animals should be so lucky!
Marcell - After a much needed dental and haircut he is in a new, loving home and enjoying the life he deserves.
Rooibos - This uniquely colored cat received the dental he so desperately needed. After healing and lots of love he is now enjoying his new, loving home.
Koki - Her ailments were somewhat of a mystery. So after blood-work, antibiotics and lots of spoiling Koki is now perched on her throne and still so spoiled.
Saltine A very sweet and sunny feline but he had bad breath. My boy feels great now and found himself a wonderful loving home.
Paruba Beautiful cat with stinky breath. She is now has catnip fresh breath and is loved immensely in her new home.
Tiffy - After getting her infected teeth straightened out she landed herself into a cush home.
Shaw Our boy had of ton of obstacles to overcome. He was tough and forged on, which made us love him all the more. He feels great and is relaxing and feeling the love.
Toby has a new lease on life. After a benign tumor the size of a softball was removed from his shoulder he now can walk freely and run like his tail is on fire. Toby found the most amazing home possible. He loves them immensely and they feel the same way about him.
Thor and his brother Morty battled a difficult case of pneumonia. They were in ICU for days, those days were touch and go. But, these tiny, tough pups pulled through and are now living a life full of love and fun!
Padillo was the definition of a fabulous Chihuahua with bad breath. The bad breath is gone, teeth are shiny and bright and the fabulous still remains. Padillo loves being a lap dog in his new home where the love is plentiful and forever.
Flora - Miss Flora is now flashing her fabulous personality and beautiful smile in her new home. She now has a loving Mom and new doggie best friend. She won't have to ever worry about going without food or love ever again.
Haskell - Our husky fellow is now soaking up the sun and the love. He is hanging out with a sweet, little girl that is now his best friend and the angel who saved him.
Mya - This beautiful dog with a huge heart is now best friends with her new, forever Dad. He loves her just as she is and thinks the sun rises and sets with her. Her treatments for Lupus are continuing and she is looking and feeling fabulous!
Lawson - Lawson had a bump on his leg, we feared it was bone cancer. Well, nothing to fear here the biopsy came back free and clear and he found the love of his dreams. This amazing soul is now living life to the fullest in an awesome home. Lawson is now, Lucky, Loved Lawson!
Spud - This sweetie hit a rough patch in life. He was needing a dental, had infected ears, matted hair and needed cherry eye surgery. Life has smoothed out and this Spud has left the building! YAY!! This little tater tot has found a carb loving home. We will miss him but we are so happy for him.
Felix - He thought he hit the jackpot with a dental, the removal of a huge cancerous tumor and a stylish new summer do but he was wrong. He now knows that his new life that is full of love, is the real jackpot!

Matthau - He thought he hit the jackpot with a dental, the removal of a huge cancerous tumor and a stylish new summer do but he was wrong. He now knows that his new life that is full of love, is the real jackpot!
Cinder This sassy, independent cat needed a dental so she got it. She also got one of the best homes around. All the love and attention will be on her and only her. Cinder has a life-time of burning love!
Halite I seriously love this cat! After being brought to us after a hoarding situation it was discovered he desperately needed a dental and a continuous dose of canned food and many antibiotics. He has now left the shelter and is in a loving home but he will never leave my heart.
Arlo - After being abandoned by his owner it was discovered that an infected toe that Arlo had turned out to be much more. The toe was amputated and it was discovered to be bone cancer. This sweet dog is now living cancer free in the loving home of his dreams!!
Aggie - After a badly broken leg that is now 100% healed this awesome pup has a beautiful, loving home is Yellowstone. She is in hand signal training and is not letting her deafness hold her back from love and life. We love you Aggie and will think of you, your strong heart and bravery often.
Drag - We love you!!
Lexon: After being a long term resident at the shelter who received a much needed dental she is now enjoying being very loved in her new life!
Bronson - This dog has the life that all dogs should have. With so much love and care, this beautiful dog will not want for anything. Warm fire, warm food, warm home and warm heart, forever. We miss him but we know he doesn't miss us, very happy dog.
Alber - we love you!
Lillium - After a long, difficult battle with an intestinal parasite this tough, beautiful cat beat the odds. Lillium is not loving and enjoying life in her new home.
Roman - This gorgeous black cat desperately needed a dental and he got it. He also got a great home full of love and catnip dreams.
D. Lucky stands for Darn Lucky. He gambled on finding love again and he did. D. Lucky is happy and feeling great with his beautiful teeth and new family! Handsome and living the high life after hitting the jackpot.
Hallows has found the sweetest treat ever, a family to love him. Hallows came in with an infected mouth and didn't seem to happy. But, after a dental this boy was strutting his stuff and showing all the wonderfulness a black cat can offer. We are so thrilled someone saw how fabulous we've always known him to be.
Jovie our little bug has found love in a big way! We miss her but our hearts are so happy for her. When she came into the shelter it was unknown if she was going to live. Well, this tough cookie showed us that she had the tenacity and will to live. She now has the life and love she deserves.
Boris - After being abandoned at the shelter this gorgeous boy needed a dental desperately. His mouth was very infected. But, now he is showing off his pearly whites by smiling big and loving his new, happy life!
Pasmo - This beautiful cat had a rough life. Neglected and living on the streets he came through the door and we immediately loved him and his sassy personality. A dental was done, lots of love was given and now he is happy and very healthy.
Nitch - His notched, crooked ear just gave him pizazz added to his handsome face. Abandoned, this old cat needed a dental cleaning and a few teeth removed to feel pain free and eat his food. He know enjoys the wonderful, loving buffet called "Life".
Daisy - Daisy's mouth was so painful and infected she couldn't eat or have her head touched. After a dental, having all of her teeth removed and a few weeks on medication she is all healed and being loved in her new home!
Earl - Earl was found wandering around with a tumor the size of a racquetball on top of his front left foot. After removal we found thankfully, it was benign. He also desperately needed his teeth clean so it was done when the tumor was removed. After a lengthy recovery he was adopted. Earl is now so loved and is sharing his sunny happiness with his new Mom and new dog siblings.
Tynan - He was hit by a car and left for dead. Thanks to your donations his broken leg was fixed, twice and his heart is now full of love and happiness.
Pinella - Had a full dental and now lives happily and pain free in her new home.

Jackson - Abandoned, scared and in pain. He had a full dental, grooming and blood work to make sure all was healthy and working the way it should. He know is stunningly handsome, pain free and very loved.
Ila - Had a full dental, is now pain free and enjoying sunbeams and tuna fish dreams in her new home.
Warix - Who could not make a face like this feel fabulous? Well, we did with a full dental and now with a very loving home.
Aruba - This beauty had a full dental and blood work. After getting in tip-top shape health wise she is loved and will always be in our hearts.
Chevelle - Orange and in charge. After a full dental and testing for allergies he is very loved and always in our hearts.
Miller - Sweet, loving and so deserving of a happy and healthy life. And, that is what you donations have given this amazing soul. After a severely needed dental and blood work this great dog is so happy, healthy and loving his new life.
Statten - Miss Statten needed blood work and special medication to be able to enjoy and feel loved in her new life.
Hulahan - Who says older cats can't live a full healthy life without dentures? Not us we polished up her pearly whites and she is now loving her healthy life with all her original teeth.
Mabel - She came in bossy, in charge and guns a blazin'. Well, imagine how much more sassy she got after her full dental. She is so fabulous and is so loved!
Josey - After being abandoned Josey found her way to us. We fixed up her leg, infection all gone and she was off to her new, fabulous home. Josey spends all day being loved and giving love in an Assisted Senior Living Home. Perfect for her and for all her new people.
Harrison - Harrison is loving his new life with a loving Dad an fun doggie best friend!
Lucky - This fluffy Pom is now healed physically and emotionally. He is all healthy and so very loved.
Ollie - I fell in love with Ollie. He is so caring, so gentle and so fabulous. He is now complete with so much love. .
Roxi - She is starting life at 12 years old and is loving and deserving every minute of her happiness. Roxi is now Canadian but she will always be our girl!
Miss Loa - Our beautiful feline is feeling fabulous and very loved. She couldn't have found a more caring home that is all about her.
Blodgett - This beautiful cat was burned beyond recognition and abandoned outside the animal shelter. It was a long 6 month recovery but he was so worth it. He now lives a great life with wide open spaces and more love than he knows what to do with. Read Blodgett's story.

Acton and Boomer - This brother and sister duo were abandoned in a cemetery. Acton was going blind and received 2 eye surgeries to save what sight she had left. Both Boomer and Acton had severely infected mouths and got dentals. Acton is now happy and loving life in Utah and Boomer is having fun in Kalispell.
Nesta - He was starving to death because his mouth was so sore and infected. After a dental and a grooming he lived happily and healthy in a loving home the last 2 years of his life.
Bernise - She was tied to a tree in the woods and was left for dead. She came in weighing 46 pounds and should have been 90-100 pounds. Upon getting her spayed it was discovered she had breast cancer. The tumors were successfully removed; she then began to gain weight and started feeling the best she had in years. Bernise is now happy and much loved.
Tolker - He came in having a prolapsed gland of the third eye lid, commonly known as cherry eye. It is a problem so easily fixed that we wonder why it never had been. Well, we fixed it; he is seeing great and loving life.
Dabney - She was found lying in the middle of the road. She was dirty, malnourished and needing a dental. She had a day at the doggie day spa and was loved so very much the last 6 months of her life.
Cheech - He was hit by a car and left for dead in the middle of the road. A kind person stopped and rushed his lifeless body to the vet. They worked a miracle and discovered he was in one piece everywhere but his jaw, it was shattered. After 12 weeks of having it wired shut he made a full recovery and he is now thoroughly loved and having a life all cats should have.
Franklin - He was hit by a car, had 2 broken legs and then was left at the vet office by his person. He walked out saying, "He's not worth fixing." Well, Franklin, without a doubt was worth fixing and we did. He is a part of a family and is loved immensely.
Butternut - This little pumpkin was found wandering the streets and desperately needed a dental. While getting his dental it was discovered he had a severe heart murmur. With clean teeth and on the proper meds he lived another year, healthy and very loved.
Marshall - He was found wandering the alleys by Farragut. He was malnourished and had a severely infected and sore mouth. After a spit shine on the old molars he is living the life all dogs should have.
Dotsera - This cutie was matted and in desperate need of a dental. After being beautified she went on to being forever loved.
Alba - She was left at the shelter for the reason "we just don't want her anymore". I did and after she got a dental renovation she came home and is very loved.
Spicn and Span - Both were literally skin and bones when they were found in a gutter uptown. Both were very sick and dehydrated. It was a long recovery for both but now in separate homes both are very loved.
Dinty - She was my girl. Dinty came into the shelter on the 4th of July with a weather beaten nose and ears. Starved for loved we nursed her through a really rough dental and then she went to the most Dinty loving home ever.
Buxley - This little puff ball was a matted mess with a mouth in need of a dental expert. He was so sweet he never left the vet office. He was scooped up, found an awesome home and is now immensely loved.
Chekov - This sweetie was abandoned in front of the shelter. He needed a good grooming and a dental. He got it and is now loved and enjoying life. Just look at his smile!
Delavali -She was dumped in the middle of nowhere about 30 miles outside of town. She wandered to the nearest ranch and was brought to us. Being malnourished and dehydrated we took her to the vet where they found mass amounts of parasites and bacteria. After a rigorous treatment process she was taken in to Rottweiler Rescue where the man who rescued her fell in love.
Kenichiwa - This stunner came to us as an older cat that needed blood-work and a dental. He got both and is now in fine spirits and living the good life!
Stolnanya - She is a stunner that came in with bad breath and a nasty mouth infection. All cleared up she has a minty fresh smile and lots of love.
Red - He is a sweetheart that had been hit by a car 4 months prior to coming to us. He suffered from a broken hip. His person said "he got hit on his own; he can heal on his own". We gave him the love and surgery he needed. Red is now in a fun, loving home with another girl hound adopted from us, also named Red. I think it was fate!
Dryus - She was found lying in a field with her knees matted to her chest. Also she had a broken back leg and rotten teeth. She is now happy, healthy and loved more than she will ever know.
Bear - This gentle giant was left in his yard after his people moved and clearly forgot to take the best thing in their life with them. He was in a lot of pain while he walked and it was discovered that he would need double ACL surgery. They were repaired successfully one at a time while he recovered in the comfort of his new, loving home.
Jasmine - She was kicked out into the cold by her family after the other dog in the home ripped her face open. She came to us in pieces but tail wagging and still loving people. She went right in to surgery and now her face is in one piece as is her heart.
Pansy - This little bug was found in the street with an open wound on her leg that was wrapped up in duct tape. After she was rushed to the vet it was discovered to be a cancerous tumor. Off came that nasty tumor and she also got her pearly whites cleaned. Pansy now is so very loved.
Jeni - This stunning German Shepherd was abandoned and had one of the worst, most painful bladder and urinary tract infection ever. The vet figures she had lived in pain for years. Many treatments, tests and a dental thrown in for good health Jeni is now living a wonderful life that is full of love.
Bertin - He came into the shelter as a stray. His back leg was huge and extremely painful. After a trip to the vet it was discovered he had a broken leg. The leg is now fixed and Bertin is now named Neo and he is having the best, most adventure, love filled life.
Socrates - He had been a dog that had been running as a stray uptown for years. When he came to us his hip had been dislocated for months. He was shy and in pain. His trust and hip was fixed and now he has a life filled with love and fun.
Burgess - This is my boy! He came in matted;infection is his mouth, teeth, ears and eyes. After being all beautified and loved immensely he is living the good life. I love him more every day! Lucky me!
Tangy - This orange beauty needed love and a dental. She got both and is just beautiful!
Rivero - He was in desperate need of a grooming and dental. Teeth got cleaned and hair shaved off. He was not thrilled but we knew he felt better. He is very loved and enjoying his long hair again.
Lexe - Super special dog here. She was abandoned and had been left in the dust with a very painful, serious knee issue. She went to an orthopedic specialist and received a total knee replacement. After months of recovery and physical therapy Lexe now is running and loving life totally pain free.
Newmie Newman - He came in literally on death's door. The worst case of pneumonia ever, toe nails grown into his pads, mouth so infected. It was a miracle he made it to us alive. After a dental and a long stint on anti-biotics he has had 2 nose and throat surgeries so he could breathe a whole lot easier. He is now so loved and enjoying the everyday fabulous dog smells and fresh Montana air.
Bandit - He was left after his owner died and no family member wanted him. He has Cushing Disease and he had never been on a proper dose of the right medicine. After many tests and visits to the vet he is now regulated on the proper type of medication. He is feeling great physically and emotionally now that he is in his forever home and is very loved.
Emma - She was left to die in a rental after her people moved out. She was so malnourished and dehydrated I'm surprised she was alive when she was found. Her teeth and mouth were badly infected. Upon having a dental done it was found out she had a major heart mumur. Her heart may not be able to be physically fixed but it is now full of love.
Merle - He was tied to a tree and left all by himself. He came to us with a huge tumor on his back-end. 2 long surgeries later he happily can sit down, run, lie down and be loved.
Owens - He was hit by a car and left for dead in the middle of the street. He was sewn up and after a long recovery he went to his forever, loving home with Merle.
Huckleberry - This darling little pup was hit by a car then dragged behind the car and then abandoned at the vet by her person. After surgery and a long, painful recovery she is all grown up and enjoying and loving life.
O.G. - This beauty was abandoned outside of the shelter in the middle of winter. It was 4 long days until she trusted us enough to come in out of the cold. She had a few little tumors that needed to be removed and at 12 years old she was in desperate need of a dental. All good and warm now she is so loved.
Big Daisy May - This 23 pound cat came in as a stray and was loved here every day until she died. In her short year with us she went through 2 eye surgeries, a fierce battle with diabetes and later died of kidney failure. We love and miss her so much!
J.B.F. - This adorable manx kitten was found in the middle of the road and brought to us. He needed 2 butt surgeries to be a normal and after having the best vet care he has recovered. J.B.F. is in the most fun-loving home with the best family ever!

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