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Albert's Angel Fund is a 501(c)3 non-profit that gives adoptable Butte animals a chance at a happy and healthy life by providing them with life-saving, life changing medical care and the comforts that are needed to help them adjust to shelter life until they can go to their forever home.

100% of all donations go directly to help the animals.

Albert's Newest Angel

Dotty - This amazing 9 year old Jack Russell is as happy as her picture. Dotty came to the shelter needing her back right knee repaired, a dental and a mole removed. She went through the wringer but came out healthier and ready to enjoy the world with zest and exuberance. She is deaf (probably from birth) but she doesn't let that slow her down. Dotty is certifiably "ball crazy" and would love to spend hours playing fetch in a very secure fenced yard. Dotty would also be a fabulous outdoor adventure sidekick as long as her partner was very responsible when it came to her deafness. She is also right now on a diet along with my husband. She is a bit chonky weighing in at 18.8 pounds. Once her knee heals we will be hitting the dirt road for quick walks and sniff sessions. She seems to like other dogs and all people. Surprisingly, she also seems to like cats, she was more interested in their food than she was of them. We will do more dog and cat introductions as she heals. Dotty loves being with her person. A life where she could be with someone most, if not all the time would be ideal. She will be in foster care for a minimum of 8 weeks while she heals from surgery. If you are looking to love a high energy, intelligent dog and can meet the needs of this special soul contact Erin at

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